About smochm

Smochm is a brand focused on smart device technology, belong to Shiningintl company,we believe that all technologies have to serve people all over the world, and the smochm has combined the most popular wireless technologies into just one slim design, the smochm purpose is to help people realize smart life and entertainment anywhere anytime. the smochm gadgets pursue the extreme technology inovation, in wireless convience: we adopt wifi wireless to internet tranfermation, bluetooth to smart phone for nearby communcation, independent GPS for location record, standard wireless charging for energy charging… smochm is the leader for smart gadgets.

Now the smochm has developed smart watch and smart glasses etc. , the smochm devices is a eco-system for health and entertainment, and when it connect to smartphone, it can transfer all healthcare information collected to the users smartphone; when connect to bluetooth earphone, it can directly streams the watch music into the bluetooth earphone; the first watch combined this amazing feature into smart watch except the top brands.

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