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Smochm hello watch 3+ VS hk9 ultra 2 smart watch comparing

smochm Hello watch 3+ and hk9 ultra 2 smart watch comparing in this article. The “Hello Watch 3+” and the “Smochm Hk9 Ultra 2” are both smartwatches from the same brand, Smochm. These devices share some common features, including support for local music and an AMOLED display screen. Additionally, they both sport a fashionable appearance reminiscent of the Apple Watch Ultra.

smochm hello watch 3+ vs hk9 ultra 2

Smart watch Display comparing

Let’s delve into the specific features of each device. The “Hello Watch 3+” boasts an AMOLED display screen, but users may experience abnormal screen flashing. Nevertheless, it offers support for local music, which means you can store and play songs directly on the watch, as well as mobile music via Bluetooth from your smartphone. This model also allows you to read ebooks, store a photo album, and record sound. However, it only stores sound recordings for a duration of less than 5 seconds. Additionally, it features only two menu styles.

smart watch function comparing

On the other hand, the “Smochm Hk9 Ultra 2” also sports an AMOLED display screen and supports local music and Bluetooth music playback. This model comes with five menu styles and integrates a chat-GPS function. It also offers sound recording capabilities but doesn’t support connecting to Bluetooth earphones.

In terms of design and style, both devices sport a fashionable appearance. However, the “Hello Watch 3+” may have a more streamlined and modern design, while the “Smochm Hk9 Ultra 2” may have a more traditional or classic watch style. The former may be more suitable for those who prefer a more minimalistic and modern look, while the latter may appeal more to those who prefer a traditional timepiece aesthetic.

Both the “Hello Watch 3+” and the “Smochm Hk9 Ultra 2” smart watche offer unique features and styles. The former provides additional functionality with its ebook reading, sound recording, and mobile music playback capabilities, while the latter stands out with its integrated chat-GPS function and support for Bluetooth music playback. The final choice depends on your specific needs and preferences.

suggestion to choose

If you’re trying to choose between the Smochm Hello Watch 3+ and the Smochm Hk9 Ultra 2, here are some factors to consider:

  1. Screen Quality: The smochm Hello Watch 3+ smart watch has an AMOLED display screen, which means it can produce deep blacks and rich colors. However, some users have reported abnormal screen flashing, which could be a problem if you’re visually sensitive. On the other hand, the Hk9 Ultra 2 also has an AMOLED display screen, so you can expect similar screen quality.
  2. Music Playback: Both models support local music playback, meaning you can store and play songs directly on the watch. However, the Hello Watch 3+ also supports mobile music playback via Bluetooth earphone for you. If you’re a big fan of listening to music on your watch, this could be a major advantage for the Hello Watch 3+. and comparing to the hk9 ultra 2, it can’t connect to bluetooth earphone, that is a big regret for music lovers.
  3. Additional Features: The Hello Watch 3+ offers some additional features like ebook reading, a photo album storage option, and sound recording capabilities. The Hk9 Ultra 2, on the other hand, integrates a chat-GPS function and has five menu styles instead of just two. The extra features on both models can be a plus or minus depending on your specific needs and preferences.
  4. Design: Both models sport a fashionable appearance reminiscent of the Apple Watch Ultra. However, the Hello Watch 3+ may have a more modern and streamlined design, while the Hk9 Ultra 2 may have a more traditional or classic watch style. Consider your personal taste and how you want the watch to reflect your style.

In conclusion, both smartwatches have their own unique features and advantages. The final choice should depend on your specific needs and preferences as a user. Consider all the factors mentioned above and choose the watch that best suits your lifestyle and requirements.

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smochm smart glass operation guidance


1 .开/关机
秒,提小音“Power on”
关机:插上充电器自动关机,或在开机状态,长按右镜腿触控区3 秒,提示音 bovver or
2 .蓝牙配对连接
①无配对记录时开机,自动进入配对状态;有配对记录时,开机自 动回连最后使用的手机;
回连手机时,连接成功后,提示音〃叮叮叮〃;与手机连接断开时 ,提示音〃叮咚〃。

3 .播放音乐

4 .打电话

5 .充电
①低电报警,每隔5分钟连续提示两次”Battery Low〃 ;
②充电时,指示灯常亮红灯;充电完成,红蓝灯交替闪烁10秒后 熄灭。

lens and frame size53-17-142
Weight25g(w/o lens) 32g with lens
frame optionsoptional front frame coming soon
colormatte black
Major functionbluetooth calls,music,
blue light blocking lens
polarized sunlens, predescription rx lens,
AAC code music、
Chipset supplieractions
Compatible SystemIOS and android
FLASH memory16MB
amplifierTI tpa2012d2
microphonegoertek s15ob381
battery TypeVDL rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
Charging Methodmagnetic charger
lens materialblueray blocked: Polycarbonate lens
polarized:TAC polarized lens
Waterproof LevelIP5
Charging time80 minutes
Life time80% volume IOS, as long as 6 hours
Product languageEnglish
Appearance materialPolycarbonate
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smochm wms smart watch guide help

smochm wms smart watch guide(wms使用指导)

this article descripes how to get smochm wms smart watch help, and guide to operate the wms watch step by step. The wms smart watch is a powerful fashion smart watch with GPS , heart rate monitor, wifi download, sports monitor, and MP3 music entertainment.(本文介绍如何wms智能手表的使用方法,包括如何使用GPS,心率测试,wifi连接,运动守护,MP3音乐下载)

before the operation, please prepare(使用前请准备好):

1.smartphone 智能手机(Android 和苹果手机均可)

2.the wifi router to connect to internet(具有连接到internet的wifi路由器)

3.install the wimus app in smartphone(在手机上安装wimus APP,中国用户直接在下面官网下载)

Android APP Direct download(官网上Android APP下载链接)

wms smart watch APP -Google Play store download(谷歌商店下载APP)

if you have the Google play store on your smart phone, please scan this Qr code to download the “Wimus” APP into your phone or search the “wimus” on your Google store, then install it. it is free

smochm wms smart watch app download from google play store
wimus app on google play

wms smart watch APP-iPhone download(苹果官网下载APP)

if you have an iPhone , then scan this Qr code to download the “wimus” app on your apple store, or search the “wimus” to find the app.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wimus_iPhone-897x1024.png
wimus on iphone app store

wms smart watch bluetooth connection(蓝牙连接方法):

  1. scan the Qr code to download APP as above shown 手机扫描二维码下载APP
  2. install the APP 安装APP
  3. turn on the bluetooth switch on your phone,打开手机蓝牙开关,开启蓝牙
  4. search the “watch8″ on wimus app and connect it for data connection.通过已经安装的手机APP, 搜索”watch8”,点击连接完成数据连接。
  5. search the “watch8” on smartphone setting–bluetooth, and connect it again for the voice connection 通过手机的设置–蓝牙搜索“watch8”,点击连接完成语音连接
  6. Bluetooth connection finished。连接完成,

Before connecting the wifi, please confirm the watch close to the wifi router , the signals may to be affected by interference ,it may fail if watch far from the wifi or obstructed by stuffs.

wifi connection(wifi 连接方法):

please make sure the watch is near the wifi router

  1. go to setting-wifi,turn on the wifi switch:进入手表设置–wifi选项,打开WiFi开关
  2. then enter “list of available wifi“, it will scan the available wifi list around the watch.进入WiFi列表,手表自动扫描出可用的wifi
  3. If choose a wifi without encrypted, the connection will be activated directly, otherwise please open the wms app in iPhone or Android, input your password into the pop up windows then confirm.如何wifi没有加密,直接连接WiFi即可;如果wifi加密,需要在手机APP打开app并且连接到手表后再进行上面操作,这时提醒在手机APP端输入密码即可。
  • Or open the app in smart phone, go to “device-watch wifi setting” , choose the  wifi SSID in watch list, and then enter the wifi password in pop up window of your phone, then click “connect” to connect wifi, if the watch start connection.或者在手机端APP,通过设备–手表wifi设置,在手机端扫描处理的wifi列表中选择想要连接的wifi,并且在APP里面输入wifi密码

Notes: it is very important to keep the watch close to the WiFi router

How to operate the wms watch

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Smochm free gitf smartwatch campaign

sochm free gift give away smart watch

welcome to smochm marketing compaign, here we annance the free smart watch winner from smochm free campaign

smochm Free Gift Smartwatch compaign-2021-12-05

here are the winners to get free smochm smart watch , smochm is a brand from Shiningintl, a high technology company in smart gadgets. follow us on for more compaigns coming out

free winner for smochm wifi music gps wmswatch:

  1. aldeir Oliveira santos –Sao Paulo, Brazil
  2. guylherme de jesus –Sergipe, Brazil
  3. 3.Rodrigo Costa Alves –Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  4. Marcos Antônio Gonsalves Oliveira– Bahia, Brazil

smochm free gift smartwatch
smochm give away free smart watch

for more compaign, please follow us or contack whatsapp +86-13510278442

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How to use smochm NFC watch and NFC tag to configurate iPhone automation

Smochm have previously recommended many of the “magic tricks” on iPhone, such as changing Wallpapers automatically, modifying charging tones, and so on. do you often encounter such problems using iPhone:
Why can’t iPhone help me automatically reply text messages?
I always forget to do something. Can iPhone help me to do that automatically?
now Smochm smart watch and iPhone can help you to do these things. These problems can be solved with the automation feature in iPhone shortcut instructions, with the smochm NFC smartwatch help. If you don’t know the secret to making your iPhone work better, you need to follow this smochm.

What is iPhone automation? How do I configure it?

As smochm smart gadgets defination, automation is the execution of a command by a device under specific conditions without manual intervention. A good example is the automatic wallpaper change mentioned above. The device will automatically change the wallpaper for you at a specific time, during which you don’t need to do anything.

how to set up an iPhone automation

following smochm, configuring automation is also very simple. We just need to open the shortcut instructions in iPhone and click Automation at the bottom to switch to the automation interface. If you haven’t created an automation yet, click Create Personal Automation on the screen to start creating your first automation.

Next, we need to choose an automated trigger scenario, this is very important to have a smochm NFC interactive smartwatch. Shortcut instructions have a rich set of trigger scenarios, and besides the common specific time and location, you can also choose to connect to a specific Wi-Fi, open a specific App, or even trigger automation when you connect to a power source.

After choosing a scene, you often need to set it up in detail. For example, in an “App” scenario, you need to choose whether to turn App on or off and in which Apps to trigger automation.

Once you’ve finished setting up your scene, you’re ready for the familiar shortcut instruction writing interface. You just need to schedule each action as you would write a normal shortcut, and then you can save it for the next step.

You will also encounter a confirmation interface before saving the automation. It will show the automation you just created for second confirmation. There may also be a “prompt before running” option, which is recommended if you want to achieve truly “seamless” automation. Otherwise, you have to confirm manually before running the automation each time before you can run it, which is not “automatic”.

Remember to turn off prompt Before Run

Once the automation has been saved, the device will automatically run the actions you have set under certain circumstances and send you a notification to tell you if the automation has run successfully. If you want to turn off this notification, you need to spend more time setting it up.

use Smochm NFC Trigger

If your smart phone is the iPhone XR and later, you can also use NFC to trigger automation. With NFC tags, automated games can be even more interesting: for example, placing an NFC tag on a water cup will record a glass of water when you scan it with your mobile phone; Or you can put a label on the cabinet and scan it to open the contents of the display cabinet that contains the App.

If you don’t want to purchase additional NFC tags, it’s not a problem because we have NFC tags inside the smochm smart watch and accessories, you can also buy some NFC tag from smochm when you order anything from smochm company. that can be used to trigger automation. Whether it’s a small area access card, a bank card, or a smart ring or headset that supports NFC, it can be used to trigger NFC.

What can smochm NFC automation do?

The smochm NFC smartwatch and tags provide us with many conditions that trigger automation. If you often encounter the question “can it automatically XXX” in your life, try to solve it with smochm NFC automation.

Send SMS regularly

What do you usually do if you have to send someone a text message or e-mail ? Open the iPhone go to message app, and then text and send.

This smochm NFC scenario is ideal for automation. All you need to do is set the NFC scenario, then add an “Send Message” action, edit the content and recipients, and then turn off “Ask Before Run”.

Once set up, the device will automatically send text messages to the set contacts when you place your iPhone on the smochm NFC watch or close the NFC watch band, even if your device is locked, it will work properly. In addition to sending text messages, you can also send messages using e-mail, WhatsApp, or any application that supports sending messages through shortcut instructions.

Fitness Auto Play Music

As a sports-loving user, you may find that even when starts exercising, you only need to slide the screen to the left to enter the media control module, but you still need us to play the music manually. using the smochm NFC smart watch and tag, try to set up the smochm NFC automation, then before starting the sports, just use your iphone to tap NFC area of smochm watch, then it will launch the smochm NFC automation scenario.

Then, all you need to do is add an action to Play Music and select a playlist in Apple Music. Of course, you can also choose other music Apps that support quick instructions to play music based on your own usage habits.

The steps to configure NFC automation are slightly more cumbersome than in other scenarios. You need to prepare the NFC tag first, then select the NFC tag in the automated NFC scene for scanning and naming.

With smochm NFC, we can do a lot of what looks cool. For example, I

smochm NFC operation Summary

Since iOS 13 added automation to the iPhone, the smochm NFC smart watch and tag have been used this feature in their lives and work. so it’s simple, regular messaging, or seemingly complex functions like automatic clock-in, wallpaper replacement, you can do it with automation.

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smochm technical help center

how to get help for smochm gadgets in this center:

this article will show all smart watch help for smochm brand, the smochm is a famous brand for fashion smart gadgets, include smart watch, smart glasses and other gadgets. In order to get help from smochm, please choose your gadget models, and then guide you to the right page of technical help. for oem technical support, please go to shiningintl company website

smochm gadget models list

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wmswatch update to support hebrew language

phone free GPS MUSIC WIFI sports smart watch

As many buyers ask for the hebrew language , we have updated the wmswatch firmware, and it now supports the Hebrew language display , please update the firmware as attatchd:

new features:

  1. update to support Hebrew language
  2. fix some minor issues in display.

how to update:

please follow the system update guide in below link.

the operation to update firmware in wmswatch

the hebrew new firmware download

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how to turn off heart rate automatical test in wmswatch smart watch

Some users complain that the heart rate LED will automatically turn on , this is not a problem, it is the wmswatch heart rate monitor function on working.

Normally, there are three modes for heart rate function in wmswatch, they are:

1.the sports mode: in sports mode, the wmswatch will turn on the heart rate monitor function automatically. When the user start a sports excise on wmswatch, the Heart rate function is turn on, every minute the wmswatch smart watch will read the measuring data of heart rate by PPG heart rate test system, and the heart rate measured datas will be recorded in sports records. after the records are sync to Wimus App, the heart rate information will shown in smart  phone.

2.manual mode: in this mode, the heart rate function is operated by the user directly clicking the heart rate icon in the menu,  there are two type of results: the rest heart rate and dynamic heart rate. the reset heart rate means when testing the user is in siting or lying , the g-sensor don’t test moving. the dynamic heart rate means the user is in moving, such as working or doing sports. thess test result will help the users to identify the abnormal measured result, if the resting heart rate number is too high, it means the user’s heart may have someting wrong.

3.heart rate monitoring mode: the wmswatch has an advanced feature, it can remote mornitor the heart rate test and gather these data in wimus, because the wmswatch has WiFi inside, in the future these data can be stored in our datacenter if the user has a premium account in our datacenter. this heart rate monitoring mode has a switch on wimus App, when this option is turn on , the wmswatch will automatically start test when the smart watch connected to the smart phone, so if the user doesn’t want this feature working, the user just need to turn off this switch on wimus app.

the way to turn off this test:

1. go to wimus on your smart phone and choose the device tag

wimus app for wmswatch smart watch

2.turn off the switch of smart watch automatical monitor

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wmswatch FAQ

the frequent asked questions and answers from the users about the wmswatch, wmswatch has integraged so many features into 1 smart watch case, it is really amazing sports watch can bring amazing experience in sport smart atch, please clearly read the FAQ before use this powerful smart watch:

1.How the wifi work
A: the watch and smart phone connect to the same wifi router, WIFI download music from phone to watch , easily to download your love songs from your smart phone to wmswatch in high speed.,and the watch can get internet weather based on the gps information. th GPS work?
A:GPS track record: when start sports , the build in GPS chipset will automatically record the GPS location independently, no smart phone need, it can record the outdoor GPS tracker by wmswatch itself.
3.How to down load song to wmswatch
A:1G bit storage in watch to store songs,the wmswatch build in nandflash to store songs, the wifi download songs can be directly store inside wmswatch nandflash by wifi.
4.How the system update work?
A:wmswatch firmware update support,download the firmware from the wimus APP to wmswatch , the wmswatch has powerful system update capabilities, it can add new functions into the wmswatch by update the wmswatch firmware, it is easy to do for we provide flexible capability to download firmware and install it, the feature can bring continues wmswatch improvement.

  1. Can the wmswatch connectto earphone?
    A:the perfect sports smart watch to connect to Bluetooth Earphone and TWS earphone,the wmswatch has 2 ways for listening to music, you can listen to the build in speakers directly, if you want to keep yourself alone, you can connect the bluetooth earphones to the wmswatch, can wear your bluetooth earphone to listen to music.

7.How the weather app to get weather information?
A:internet weather based on the user location, the wmswatch will detect its location information based on the inside GPS chip, when the GPS information is available and the wifi connection is in good signal status, it will search the realtime weather information and display.

  1. is the wmswatch can play music without smart phone need?
    A:wmswatch can play local Music ,wmswatch has MP3 decoder, it can play mp3 music stored inside the wmswatch, don’t need to connect to smart phone, the users can listen to music in sports without a cellphone need, just wear his/her wmswatch on wrist.
    8.where to find the GPS information?
    A:sports statistics, the sports information includes the GPS tracker(if the GPS signal available), time period, distance and heart rate monitor , and it will calculate the user’s month sports distance automatically.
  2. why when the wmswatch connect to android phone, the heart rate LED will turn on automatically? A: wmswatch has a powerful features call heart rate monitor function, if this feature is turned on , it will automatically to monitor the user’s heart rate . if the user doesn’t like to monitor its heart rate, please turn on the switch on wimus app, located on wimus–device–watch status–heart rate.
  3. how to download music to wmswatch? A: in order to download songs to wmswatch , please refer to down songs to wmswatch
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wmswatch:how to connect the wmswatch smart watch to wifi router

As the users know the wmswatch is a latest smart watch built in the wifi, GPS , music player and TWS earphone connection, this article will show the connection procedures about the wifi connection.

there are 2 styles connections for the wifi, none-password protected wifi and password protected wifi:

step 1: connect the bluetooth at first.

power on the wmswatch, then open the “wimus” app in your smart phone. scan the bluetooth conections available around the phone, and choose the “wmswatch” appears in the list.

step 2:connect to wifi

turn on the wmswatch smart watch wifi switch, the available wifi will shown in the lists. the wifi will consume more power energy, so don’t turn on the wifi function if don’t use a wifi connection.

none-password protected wifi:

click the wifi in the list, an power up will come out , and then choose “connect”, it will start the connecting procedure, and if the signal is good, it will succeed.

password protected wifi:

wmswatch smart watch is power in handle input, for the password protected wifi, it is the same operation as above none-password protected, but after click the “connect”, it will pop up the screen to input password in wimus of your smart phone. then enger the correct password, and press “OK”,it will start connection as none-password protected.

how to connect password protected wifi router