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wmswatch:how to download music songs to wmswatch

In order to download music songs to wmswatch, the wmswatch and the smartphone must connect to the same wifi router. at first , please connect the wmswatch smart watch to smart phone using bluetooth connection , and then connect both the wmswatch smart watch and smart phone to the same wifi router.

after both the bluetooth connection and wifi connection finished, then start the procedures of download music songs to wmswatch.

  1. android:
    1. go to wimus app, choose my service—local music, then click the “+” on top right cornor. Then the the application will search the mp3 songs inside the smart phone.
    2. choose the songs you need to download, not to select too many songs for onetime.
    3. the download will begin, and then the download percentage will show on the wmswatch screen.
    4. if the download not start for long time, it may be the signal problem, please restart the wmswatch and go back to step 1.
  2. iOS:
    1. make sure the iPhone and computer connect to the same wifi router at first
    2. go to wimus app, choose the my service—song list
    3. on the iphone screen , it will shows “upload MP3 files and sync”
      • please visit on PC browser http://xx.xx.xx.xx/ upload MP3 to smart phone
      • then click sync after the upload to smart phone finish
      • kepp app running and in the same page when syncing.
wmswatch: how to download music to wmswatch smart watch