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How to use smochm NFC watch and NFC tag to configurate iPhone automation

Smochm have previously recommended many of the “magic tricks” on iPhone, such as changing Wallpapers automatically, modifying charging tones, and so on. do you often encounter such problems using iPhone:
Why can’t iPhone help me automatically reply text messages?
I always forget to do something. Can iPhone help me to do that automatically?
now Smochm smart watch and iPhone can help you to do these things. These problems can be solved with the automation feature in iPhone shortcut instructions, with the smochm NFC smartwatch help. If you don’t know the secret to making your iPhone work better, you need to follow this smochm.

What is iPhone automation? How do I configure it?

As smochm smart gadgets defination, automation is the execution of a command by a device under specific conditions without manual intervention. A good example is the automatic wallpaper change mentioned above. The device will automatically change the wallpaper for you at a specific time, during which you don’t need to do anything.

how to set up an iPhone automation

following smochm, configuring automation is also very simple. We just need to open the shortcut instructions in iPhone and click Automation at the bottom to switch to the automation interface. If you haven’t created an automation yet, click Create Personal Automation on the screen to start creating your first automation.

Next, we need to choose an automated trigger scenario, this is very important to have a smochm NFC interactive smartwatch. Shortcut instructions have a rich set of trigger scenarios, and besides the common specific time and location, you can also choose to connect to a specific Wi-Fi, open a specific App, or even trigger automation when you connect to a power source.

After choosing a scene, you often need to set it up in detail. For example, in an “App” scenario, you need to choose whether to turn App on or off and in which Apps to trigger automation.

Once you’ve finished setting up your scene, you’re ready for the familiar shortcut instruction writing interface. You just need to schedule each action as you would write a normal shortcut, and then you can save it for the next step.

You will also encounter a confirmation interface before saving the automation. It will show the automation you just created for second confirmation. There may also be a “prompt before running” option, which is recommended if you want to achieve truly “seamless” automation. Otherwise, you have to confirm manually before running the automation each time before you can run it, which is not “automatic”.

Remember to turn off prompt Before Run

Once the automation has been saved, the device will automatically run the actions you have set under certain circumstances and send you a notification to tell you if the automation has run successfully. If you want to turn off this notification, you need to spend more time setting it up.

use Smochm NFC Trigger

If your smart phone is the iPhone XR and later, you can also use NFC to trigger automation. With NFC tags, automated games can be even more interesting: for example, placing an NFC tag on a water cup will record a glass of water when you scan it with your mobile phone; Or you can put a label on the cabinet and scan it to open the contents of the display cabinet that contains the App.

If you don’t want to purchase additional NFC tags, it’s not a problem because we have NFC tags inside the smochm smart watch and accessories, you can also buy some NFC tag from smochm when you order anything from smochm company. that can be used to trigger automation. Whether it’s a small area access card, a bank card, or a smart ring or headset that supports NFC, it can be used to trigger NFC.

What can smochm NFC automation do?

The smochm NFC smartwatch and tags provide us with many conditions that trigger automation. If you often encounter the question “can it automatically XXX” in your life, try to solve it with smochm NFC automation.

Send SMS regularly

What do you usually do if you have to send someone a text message or e-mail ? Open the iPhone go to message app, and then text and send.

This smochm NFC scenario is ideal for automation. All you need to do is set the NFC scenario, then add an “Send Message” action, edit the content and recipients, and then turn off “Ask Before Run”.

Once set up, the device will automatically send text messages to the set contacts when you place your iPhone on the smochm NFC watch or close the NFC watch band, even if your device is locked, it will work properly. In addition to sending text messages, you can also send messages using e-mail, WhatsApp, or any application that supports sending messages through shortcut instructions.

Fitness Auto Play Music

As a sports-loving user, you may find that even when starts exercising, you only need to slide the screen to the left to enter the media control module, but you still need us to play the music manually. using the smochm NFC smart watch and tag, try to set up the smochm NFC automation, then before starting the sports, just use your iphone to tap NFC area of smochm watch, then it will launch the smochm NFC automation scenario.

Then, all you need to do is add an action to Play Music and select a playlist in Apple Music. Of course, you can also choose other music Apps that support quick instructions to play music based on your own usage habits.

The steps to configure NFC automation are slightly more cumbersome than in other scenarios. You need to prepare the NFC tag first, then select the NFC tag in the automated NFC scene for scanning and naming.

With smochm NFC, we can do a lot of what looks cool. For example, I

smochm NFC operation Summary

Since iOS 13 added automation to the iPhone, the smochm NFC smart watch and tag have been used this feature in their lives and work. so it’s simple, regular messaging, or seemingly complex functions like automatic clock-in, wallpaper replacement, you can do it with automation.