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smochm wms smart watch guide help

smochm wms smart watch guide(wms使用指导)

this article descripes how to get smochm wms smart watch help, and guide to operate the wms watch step by step. The wms smart watch is a powerful fashion smart watch with GPS , heart rate monitor, wifi download, sports monitor, and MP3 music entertainment.(本文介绍如何wms智能手表的使用方法,包括如何使用GPS,心率测试,wifi连接,运动守护,MP3音乐下载)

before the operation, please prepare(使用前请准备好):

1.smartphone 智能手机(Android 和苹果手机均可)

2.the wifi router to connect to internet(具有连接到internet的wifi路由器)

3.install the wimus app in smartphone(在手机上安装wimus APP,中国用户直接在下面官网下载)

Android APP Direct download(官网上Android APP下载链接)

wms smart watch APP -Google Play store download(谷歌商店下载APP)

if you have the Google play store on your smart phone, please scan this Qr code to download the “Wimus” APP into your phone or search the “wimus” on your Google store, then install it. it is free

smochm wms smart watch app download from google play store
wimus app on google play

wms smart watch APP-iPhone download(苹果官网下载APP)

if you have an iPhone , then scan this Qr code to download the “wimus” app on your apple store, or search the “wimus” to find the app.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wimus_iPhone-897x1024.png
wimus on iphone app store

wms smart watch bluetooth connection(蓝牙连接方法):

  1. scan the Qr code to download APP as above shown 手机扫描二维码下载APP
  2. install the APP 安装APP
  3. turn on the bluetooth switch on your phone,打开手机蓝牙开关,开启蓝牙
  4. search the “watch8″ on wimus app and connect it for data connection.通过已经安装的手机APP, 搜索”watch8”,点击连接完成数据连接。
  5. search the “watch8” on smartphone setting–bluetooth, and connect it again for the voice connection 通过手机的设置–蓝牙搜索“watch8”,点击连接完成语音连接
  6. Bluetooth connection finished。连接完成,

Before connecting the wifi, please confirm the watch close to the wifi router , the signals may to be affected by interference ,it may fail if watch far from the wifi or obstructed by stuffs.

wifi connection(wifi 连接方法):

please make sure the watch is near the wifi router

  1. go to setting-wifi,turn on the wifi switch:进入手表设置–wifi选项,打开WiFi开关
  2. then enter “list of available wifi“, it will scan the available wifi list around the watch.进入WiFi列表,手表自动扫描出可用的wifi
  3. If choose a wifi without encrypted, the connection will be activated directly, otherwise please open the wms app in iPhone or Android, input your password into the pop up windows then confirm.如何wifi没有加密,直接连接WiFi即可;如果wifi加密,需要在手机APP打开app并且连接到手表后再进行上面操作,这时提醒在手机APP端输入密码即可。
  • Or open the app in smart phone, go to “device-watch wifi setting” , choose the  wifi SSID in watch list, and then enter the wifi password in pop up window of your phone, then click “connect” to connect wifi, if the watch start connection.或者在手机端APP,通过设备–手表wifi设置,在手机端扫描处理的wifi列表中选择想要连接的wifi,并且在APP里面输入wifi密码

Notes: it is very important to keep the watch close to the WiFi router

How to operate the wms watch

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