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wmswatch instruction book


Instruction Book


Welcome to choosing WMS smart watch! The first watch combined wifi, GPS, TWS earphones  and on-board music storage of the world.

Please read the instruction book carefully before you operate this WMS watch.

we may change the product operation according the latest update, so please visit our web for the latest information.


  1. Support 2.4G wifi connection
  2. Download songs from smart phone to the watch , and play music independently.
  3. TWS earphone support(please use the WMS TWS earphones  who has the best performance with WMS watch)
  4. Independent GPS inside

  5. Internet weather
  6. Heart rate monitor
  7. 1G bit memory Music storage.
  8. System update support

Operation Guide:

Side round button: back key for app and “OK” for pop up

Side rectangular button: power on/off, switch between clock face and main menu.

Note:the side round button not support rolling function, watch will no respond to rotating the round button

Touch input: support click, left-flip, right-flip, up-flip and down-flip touch input;

Watch faces switch: left-flip or right-flip to browser the clock face immediately, long press screen  to preview the clockfaces.

Charging instructions:

magnetic  wireless charger,  the charger dock will automatically suck to the watch when close.

charging status:

  1. LED light up when in charging state, the watch may start a few times to adjust the best charging status, therefore it may light up the screen a few times.
  2.  LED turn off after finished the charging.

Notes:please charge the watch in time if the watch power off automatically, it need a long time to activate the charging if the battery voltage too low. And in low voltage stage, it may need recycle the charging action many times.


BT connection

Connect to Smart phone:

  1. Download  APP to the mobile phone and install it,
  2. Search on  appstore for  iPhone  users ;
  3. Search on Google play store for Android users or    contact    the    reseller    for    the    latest    application.
  4. There are two-steps to setup:
  5. turn on the BT in watch side, then start the new searching, searching “WMS” device then connect.
  6. After connection succeed,start the WIMUS APP, then search new device on the top-right icon,find “WMS” on the device list, then connect.

Connect to earphone:

  1. make sure both the earphone and WMS watch are in Bluetooth disconnected status(if a phone has connected to the watch ,please turn off the smart phone Bluetooth function)
  2. go to watch setting-blutooth-BT connection-searching new device. connect the earphone in the list.
  3. after connect, the watch will show a connection icon.

Note: Shorten the distance between the WMS watch and earphone is very important.

Connect to TWS:

  1. please refer to the TWS earphone, and keep in mind that the TWS earphone certificated by us is important, the TWS earphones signals may be affected by human body or other obstacles, keeping TWS earphone and watch without obstacles is important.
  2. Refer to Connect to earphone
  3. Connect WMSpods:

When wear the watch on left hand, please connect the WMSPODS at first, and then take the left earbud out of the box and wear to left ear, make sure the left connection work(such as try to play music),if it works, then wear right. Vice versus to the watch wearing on right hand.

WIFI connection

Before connecting the wifi, please confirm the watch close to the wifi router , the signals may to be affected by interference ,it may fail if watch far from the wifi or obstructed by stuffs.


  1. go to setting-wifi,turn on the wifi switch
  2. then enter “list of available wifi“, it will scan the available wifi list around the watch.
  3. If choose a wifi without encrypted, the connection will be activated directly, otherwise please open the wms app in iPhone or Android, input your password into the pop up windows then confirm.
  • Or open the app in smart phone, go to “device-watch wifi setting” , choose the  wifi SSID in watch list, and then enter the wifi password in pop up window of your phone, then click “connect” to connect wifi, if the watch start connection.

Notes: it is very important to keep the watch close to the WiFi router

Download songs from phone to watch :

  1. Set up Bluetooth connection as BT connection
  2. Set up wifi connection as  WIFI connection
  3. Make sure the smartphone and computer connect to same wifi as watch
  4. download songs

        iPhone: go to “my service-local music”,there is showing a link, visit this link on the computer browser, then upload the firmware to iPhone by choosing the right firmware file in your computer. After uploading finished, then start download to watch

        Android: go to “my service-local music”, select the right songs in your phone ,then confirm to start download firmware to watch.

System upgrade:

  1. Build up Bluetooth connection as BT connection
  2. Build up wifi connection as  WIFI connection
  3. make sure the smartphone and computer connect to same wifi as watch
  4. download firmware

        iPhone:go to “my service-local music”,there is showing a link, visit this link witha computer, then upload the firmware to iPhone by choosing the right firmware file in your computer. After uploading finished, then start download to watch

        Android: go to device-firmware update-choose firmware file, select the right firmware ,then confirm to start download firmware to watch.

  • After downloading file to watch finished, then go to the watch setting-system update, click “download and install”to start system update.

Important: the phone ,computer and watch must link to the same router wifi, and keep battery over 60% to run system update.

Notes: please check the firmware available on our website

Function description

Two-style mainmenu

     Switch the two menu style easily in main menu.

Music player

        The WMS support local music player, it is a music sports watch that working independently, enjoying music in sports without a phone needed.

File management:

        Support up to 1G bit song storage, file management function provide features for rename, detail and delete.

Weather :

When connected to internet, the WMS watch will get weather information automatically(only when GPS information available).


        Support stop,pause,new features when in sports mode, the sports function is perfectly combined with the music.

Sports record:

        The sports record shows the total sports records in the past, only 7 days data are stored.

 Please wear the watch tightly to the hand, keep the skin clean, it may affect the heart rate accuration.

The GPS signal is affected by the environment, it may not get the GPS signal in clean and open sky environment .


  1. does the watch support wifi?

A: yes, WMS supports wifi 2.4G connection。

  • why the download not start when operating download function?

A:there are some reasons:

     a.make sure the network is in normal ,b.keep your watch close to the router to get better signal;c.restart your watch and APP.

  • why this waterproof watch can‘t  resist water steam and vapour? A:because water steam is a style of air, this watch can’t resist that small size material, it can only resist liquid water.
  • how long does the battery last?

A:the battery working time is related to operating frequency and display time, it can last few days in standby mode without operation. When in sports mode, the GPS will cost more power than normal.

  • is the heart rate test data correct?

A: This heart rate test uses PPG sensor, it is accurate for normal test condition, but it won’t be accurate enough for medical use, just take a reference. we won’t accept return by reasons “such as the heart rate”or “ECG” data is not correct. In sports mode, the HR accuration may affected by the sweat or vibration on hand..

  • how long does it take to full charged?

A:it takes about 3 hours to full charging. When it show 100% battery, it still need to charge a while to full charge.

  • Why I can’t find the GPS information in watch?

A:The GPS information will be recorded automatically in sports mode, if the GPS signal is available, it will record the GPS location info in sports records and shows in smartphone APP.

  • why the music in the earphone may interrupted frequently?

A:the watch is interfered by the environment, please make sure without obstacles between the watch and earphone.