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wmswatch:how to connect the wmswatch smart watch to wifi router

As the users know the wmswatch is a latest smart watch built in the wifi, GPS , music player and TWS earphone connection, this article will show the connection procedures about the wifi connection.

there are 2 styles connections for the wifi, none-password protected wifi and password protected wifi:

step 1: connect the bluetooth at first.

power on the wmswatch, then open the “wimus” app in your smart phone. scan the bluetooth conections available around the phone, and choose the “wmswatch” appears in the list.

step 2:connect to wifi

turn on the wmswatch smart watch wifi switch, the available wifi will shown in the lists. the wifi will consume more power energy, so don’t turn on the wifi function if don’t use a wifi connection.

none-password protected wifi:

click the wifi in the list, an power up will come out , and then choose “connect”, it will start the connecting procedure, and if the signal is good, it will succeed.

password protected wifi:

wmswatch smart watch is power in handle input, for the password protected wifi, it is the same operation as above none-password protected, but after click the “connect”, it will pop up the screen to input password in wimus of your smart phone. then enger the correct password, and press “OK”,it will start connection as none-password protected.

how to connect password protected wifi router