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wmswatch:how to upgrate the wmswatch firmware

As the wmswatch has built in the wifi function, it is powerful to upgrate features even the buyers have bought the watch, the users can do the smart watch features upgrates by themselives. In the past, the smart watch is can only update the firmware by the manufacturer. now wmswatch has strong capability to do that system update function. Here is the detail procedures to update a wmswatch within 10 minutes: 

before the operation ,please charging the battery to over 80%

1.the wmswatch connect to the smartphone bluetooth cnnection. 

2.the smart phone must connect to a wifi router nearby, it is very important as close as it can to the router, the  firmware transfer may lose package, then it may cause update block in the updating procedure. the update package in the smartphone, the update firmware is name “image.bin”, put it inside the smartphone before you operate system upgrade.

4.set up the wifi connection of the wmswatch: a). it is easy to connect to a wifi connection without password protected

                                                                   b).try to input the password as the video shown.

5.after both the smart phone and smart watch connect to the same wifi router(very important), go to the app wimus,  on the device–firmware update item, choose the “image.bin” stored inside the smart phone, the image.bin file will be download to smart watch wmswatch.

6.after the download is 100% finished, go to the smart watch wmswatch menu  Setting–system update–download and update, then the wmswatch will reboot and enter update screen.

7. when the update finish, the smart watch will reboot again.

8. system update finished, and enjoy the new features of wmswatch, the unique wifi ,GPS, TWS earphone ,MP3 music player, wireless charging, heart rate monitor smart watch.

the firmware go to the wmswatch forum