why choose smochm

No.1 the high technology adopter

it is important to have a smart watch working alone, and the smochm is a technology geek for smart gadgets, we are the inovation creator, we try to combine the latest technology into our products, the smochm watch can store songs, can play mp3 music, and can work independantly without a smart phone needed.

No.2 WiFi inside and free sports online music

wifi is very important for continious features update and functions in operation, now smochm can bring fast music download , get instant internet information ….

No.3 perfect gadgets accessories

wmswatch has two bluetooth connections: connect to bluetooth earphone for music playing; connect to smart phone to sync the sports data to the wimus sports APP.

No.4 GPS inside

smochm is a true smart watch, GPS inside to make sure smochm watch can get GPS tracker when running, it will record the tracker inside the sports records

No.5 Real Heart Rate G-sensor

the real heart rate chipset will monitor your health care, the g-sensor will mornitor your sports and actions.

No.6 wireless charging

the wireless charging make the wmswatch has better waterproof function, and more efficent, more stable when charging

No.7 Low price ,all functions in 1 smart watch

how much would you like to pay for a smart watch for all these functions, let’t compare wmswatch to apple watch, Huawei watch, Samsung watch

No.8 Work with Android and iPhone

as a sports smart watch, it is necessary to work with as many as possible smart phones in the world, wmswatch can work with both android and iOS system.